Students dance to local music at Wemyss Bight Homecoming

"How many activities does it take to exhaust 47 teenagers?" October 9, 2010

By Caciques Chris Pibble and Sarah Francisco

We started our day with an extra early circle.  Everyone arrived groggy eyed and tired as we loaded up the bus on our way to Wemyss Bight for a race in honor of Olympic silver medalist, Chris “Fireman” Brown, the man who came in second to Hussein Bull in the 400m race.  The race was 4 miles long and it went in a large rectangle and returning to the start at the softball field.  Everyone was really pushing their limits on the run and as we rounded the second turn, I found myself (Sarah) running past Chris “Fireman” Brown who was walking.  I felt immensely proud of myself until about two minutes later when he flew past me.  This pattern continued until the end of the race when I ended up finishing ahead of an Olympian!  As people were coming in strong for their finish, everyone else lined up along the road and cheered them through the last turn and final few feet.  Once everyone was back, all of our individual success stories began to be shared. Following the race there was a short ceremony for the medalists of the race. In the male thirteen to seventeen group, the top three winners were Will Overman in first, Scott Endzel in second place, and in third place came Liam Donovan. In the female thirteen to seventeen category, in first place came Sasha Wittle, followed by me--Sarah Francisco, and in third place came Rachael Pridmore. After the short ceremony, we took the bus back to school and got ready for a day of adventure.

We had midterm oral assessments for research, which marked the halfway point in our academic semester.  This came with mixed feelings of sadness and excitement for the coming weeks.  After lunch, we had a presentation on our demonstration of learning projects that we will present at the end of the semester and then departed for our own personal querencia time during which we find our own spot in boundaries and spend some alone time.

In the evening, we returned to the softball field in Wemyss Bight for the Wemyss Bight homecoming. This is a massive party with people from Wemyss Bight that had left and are returning just for this event.  On the twenty minute bus ride there, the excitement was palpable in the air as our school bus sang its way into the settlement belting out songs like “Build Me Up Buttercup” and “Livin’ on a Prayer”.  Unloading from the bus, many people rushed to the food stands, wallets in hands.  The music was blasting and many of us, after eating our homemade food consisting of mouth-watering barbeque ribs and delicious conch fritters followed shortly by the sweet sugary taste of chocolate cake, and then made our way to the dance floor and some creativity was shown in the creation of a dance from signals that we use for scuba diving. After a long evening of dancing and eating plus a hair show, the people of Wemyss Bight seemed determined to fascinate the crowd of Island School when they put on a wedding show, a typical element of a Bahamian homecoming.  There were bridesmaids, groomsmen, a maid of honor, a best man, a junior bride and groom, a flower girl, a priest, and of course the bride and groom.  The excitement came from the fact that all of the ceremony was put to pop music and there was music and dancing throughout the entire process. By the end of the evening everyone was full of food and exhausted so we left back for campus. Upon return to our dorms, everyone collapsed onto their beds for a long night sleep.