“King Bacon” October 10 2010

By Caciques Marianne Foss-Skiftesvik and Augie Cummings

Sunday. A bonding day for all us students here at the island school. The majority of us spent the morning sleeping. As people snored and tossed, the sun implored and started to boss. "Wake up wake up!" its rays called upon us from our dorm windows. Some were weaker than others and gave up the fight with Mr. Sun, and groaningly ate granola. Others braved it out till king bacon, jelly, egg, toast and home fry, beckoned from their steaming thrones, resting among metal castles. North and south face off in a battle of the brave on the football field. Though North rooted as the under dog, they still came off on top just as in the Civil War. After the game, groups gathered in the generally vicinity of the Marina to converse and reflect on all the hard work they had faced during the War of the week. Snorkeling off high rock, jumping off the pier all was quiet and none shed a tear.  As the day was winding down and we gathered around the flagpole, surrounding the symbol of The Bahamas, we reflected upon our day through a single adjective. We went around, one by one, and spoke our feelings: "relaxed, Excited, Enthused, clean, salty, hungry." For the salty and starving, if that was the worst of their day, life in Eleuthera must be pretty sweet.  Although we used a wide range of words, all came across with a single meaning: happiness.