“Come Together As One” October 13, 2010

By Caciques Daisy Spencer and Noah Boskey

The day started with our intention to change things up and that became our theme for the day.  Since the community is soon departing for our kayak trips we only have a few days left to enjoy each others company before we are split into smaller groups.  Our goal for the day was to have the whole Island School community come together as one and what a great way for us to use our community meeting time for.  This was the first time caciques got to lead an activity in community meeting, so the pressure was on.  We came up with a fun game that tested how well we all knew each other.  The game consisted of everyone gathering in a line in the boathouse, and a prompt would be read. For example, would you rather self reflect or vent to a group of friends?  Everyone would split depending on how they felt, and would then discuss why they felt that way with someone from the other side of the line. Most of the young leaders, and teachers found this activity to be eye opening and enjoyable. Hearing that people really liked this game made being the caciques that much more awesome. From young leaders and teacher’s reactions to the activity, it seemed like all of us as a community learned something new about someone else and will take this bonding experience into kayak rotations and beyond.

Bon Voyage - Daisy and Noah