“Halfway, and We’re Off” October 17, 2010

Caciques Will Overman and Catherine Pirie

Today, Monday October 18th, 2010 marks the halfway point of our Island School journey. Many different emotions are flying all over campus right now. Some are excited to have made it this far, others sad because it is coming that much closer to the end. But I believe that all of us are stoked for the next three weeks… KAYAK ROTATIONS AND DOWN ISLAND TRIPS!

Just a few minutes ago half of the student body left campus to either go kayaking for eight days or go explore Eleuthera by car.  The other half, the half I’m in, will stay on campus for the next week and a half and focus on certain classes such as extended research and Human Ecology final projects. For the next three weeks the student body will be torn apart, and some people might not see their friends for the entirety of these expeditions. With that in mind there have been a lot of “I’m gonna miss yous and “I can’t wait to see you again” coming from everyone’s mouths.

I am confident however, that no matter what happens over the next three weeks, no matter how many mosquito bites, no matter how much sunburn, no matter how epic the experience, once the entire Island School comes back together, we will be that much closer.