“A Smaller Community”  by Caciques Ellen Doughty & Jackson Rafter

Our morning began with a regrettable goodbye to half of our loved community as K1 and K2 bravely departed on either their Kayak or Down Island Trips. We wished them safe journeys and anticipate their return. On the other hand, we know that the events ahead of us will bring new relationships and experiences for everyone, in addition to wonderful stories when we our entire community is reunited. We joined together under the moon at morning circle and those of us who are staying on campus for our academic week began a new rotation of chores, before morning exercise as we waved goodbye to our friends. Throughout the day, the small group of 24 really focused on how a temporary smaller community can impact the campus and form tighter bonds with people that we may not have had the chance to yet. We are beginning to slowly realize the importance of valuing the time we have left together and thinking of goals for the second half of the semester.

This afternoon, our community meeting was smaller than ever, seemingly quiet at first, but it lead to a more intimate experience. With the 50-day mark coming up tomorrow, we wanted to get the community thinking about their journey so far in the first half of the semester, and what they want to accomplish in the second half. As people shared their experiences, talked about special memories they had made so far, or goals they still have to achieve, it brought back so many great memories that it made it seem like we had stepped off the plane in Rock Sound yesterday. And, made us think about how little time there would be until we were stepping back on the plane. During our exploration time, all, or most, 24 of us met on Sunset Beach and spent time together until dinner circle. We spent time talking to each other in a way that we haven’t had a chance to do yet.  Through today, I believe we are all at a point of genuine contentment and happiness with our semester.