Scouting the Schooner Cays: by Caciques Jack Devries and Louise Shiverick


This morning we woke up to a dark morning, and gathered in the boathouse to go FREE DIVING for morning exercise. After a rainy boat ride, we  flipped back  into the water at Chub point.  All of a sudden, we heard Meaghan shouting excitedly about a double rainbow emerging from the cloudy sky. It was an incredible sight. After scrumptious breakfast, we embarked on out journey to the Schooner Cays for a day of math under the sun. As it turned out it, it was extremely cloudy all day and the sand flies were horrendous, but we escaped their itching by fleeing into the water with our sextants. We use sextants to measure the angle between the horizon line and the sun. Our goal for the day was to have 150 readings for each pair of students, but because of the uncooperative weather, most only came out with 50. Even though we couldn’t see the sun, it turned out to be a day full of shining experiences.