“A Full Day” by Caciques Sasha Whittle and Chris Lorient       

This morning we prepared for a long morning run or swim. The runners did a timed run where we ran for a certain amount of time out towards Deep Creek and then ran back. It’s called an “out and back” run.  Everyone ran between 6-10 miles! We were all being supported by one another and we pushed ourselves as hard as we could. Swim track also did a long swim. Everyone swam 1.5 miles against a strong current. Then we had a full day of classes ahead of us. We focused our morning on our human ecology electives, which included bees, bio-diesel, conscious consumerism, compost, and water. In our elective classes we are working on how our topics relate to sustainability.   For example: the relation between amount of bees to the amount of cross-pollination to help agricultural growth. After lunch we went on to research. During these classes we are now focusing on writing our scientific papers. We worked on writing our methods and analyzing our results. After a full day of research and elective courses, we were relieved to have a good night’s sleep.