“The Last Tamarind Cups” By Caciques Daisy Spencer and Tucker Beckett

Well, If you’re going to wake up and go someplace right away, it might as well be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: lighthouse Beach. After an abbreviated circle, we both ate very quick breakfasts and ran to the van with all of our archaeology gear. Since we were both Caciques and dish crew, we had to find people to sub for us on both while we were gone, which was not easy, especially in that short time. It was a weird coincidence that we both happened to be on the archaeology team. Anyway, after an hour long van ride over backroads, which shouldn’t even be considered roads at all, we went to work and started digging holes for the day. Digging for 2 hours wiped us out, so on the way back, Justin S.  picked us up some jerk chicken and ribs… it woke us right up.

Walking out of class and into exploration time got me (Daisy) thinking that I was still hungry after all those ribs. While I was on my way to the Marina store for some overpriced snacks, David Miller walked by and spontaneously said “want to go to Deep Creek?” Without a doubt, I said yes, and immediately ran to the van to go make a sweep around campus seeing if anyone else wanted to go. We got a van full of 7 and headed straight to V&H’s to grab some tamarind cups. Turns out we ended up going at the right time because they were the LAST CUPS OF THE SEASON! Crazy! It was a day of coincidences because the 7 people in the car got the last 7 cups until next fall. Little did I know that tamarind cups would give me a glimpse at how fast time is passing by here on Eleuthera.