“Ghost Town” by Caciques Chris Pibl and Catharine Pirie

Campus has been a ghost town for the past few days. While some groups left for 8 day kayak, others were leaving for Down Island Trip, leaving the teachers alone on campus. K2 returned from their kayak trip yesterday so they were the only ones on campus until they were joined later on in the day with the arrival of K1 and K4 from their Down Island Trip. Last night, we almost had a full community, with the exception of K3, and we are sad to see K4 leave again for their kayak trip. K1 and K2 have been busy preparing for their academic week.

Having just returned from their kayak, k2 has many stories to tell about kayak. Starting off our journey strong, the group chose to paddle 14k to Plum Creek, where we would spend our first night. The trip was filled with a few hard days of paddling so that we could have days of relaxation. During our days of relaxation, we would sleep in and having extra time to paddle, we would visit landmarks such as Blue Holes and the Ruins of Bannerman Town. It was exciting to take a break from our rigorous paddles to see the island. Our kayak trips ended with our solos where I (Pibl) kept my sanity by playing golf, while most others spent their days tanning in the sun (Catharine). After 48 hours of solitude we all reunited and shared stories of our experiences on solo.