“Boo!” By Caciques Perry Leavitt and Liam Donovan

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Although it is not quite Halloween, The Island School celebrated the amazing holiday today. Tonight was our haunted house. We decorated the campus so that we could scare all of the Deep Creek Middle School students. The boathouse was haunted by four dead scuba divers. Liam was lying face down in the freshwater dunk tank ready scare all of the children. The dinning hall deck was a haunted doctors office where the doctor kills his patients. The DCMS students were lead through the haunted orchard where people with chain saws and cars jumped out at them. We were able to successfully scare all of the students and many faculty members. Tonight K1 and K2 were able to bond together. Even though we miss the other students who are off on kayak we know that it will be great once we are reunited.