by Caciques Charlie Fichtner and Taylor Schendel Today provided us a chance to go explore a new part of Eleuthera. We got to go to Princess Cays, an island right off Eleuthra dedicated to entertaining cruise ship passengers, a day at a time. We arrived to the sight and were given a tour of the area by the manager. He showed us how the cruise liner transports all the food and workers to the island before the passengers get there. We then had lunch at the buffet then had a chance to explore. It was amazing to me to see how much this island varied from the rest of Eleuthera. There were very few locals working there and everyone seemed much less friendly. After we had finished exploring we excitedly boarded the bus to see our friends, the boys junior team from Deep Creek Middle School, play softball. The game was so much fun, and it amazing to see how much everyone got into the game. It was similar to home where everyone screams at refs and the crowd is the loudest thing for miles.