Legacies, Labor and Appreciation The day was full of manual labor, hard work, legacies and appreciations. We started off with clean shirts, ready for the day ahead. The twenty-four students still on campus were split into three legacy groups: CEI, Bike shed and Faculty apartments. All the groups were in charge of planting and landscaping one of the three areas. At CEI we moved sand from piles to create a smooth, elevated surface. Then we took enormous rocks and encompassed our mound of sand. Although it may seem like effortless work, by lunchtime all of our shirts were dirty. After a well earned meal we dug holes and planted our trees.

At the bike shed we first started out our morning pick-axing the hard curry soil and digging 3 foot wide by 3 foot deep holes. We filled these in with tamerun, palm and citrus trees. After planting we then went on an adventure into the inner loop to retrieve rocks that would ultimately line the drive way.

Our day of hard work and manual labor was not only a day where we left our mark on the school, it was also a day where we realized the challenges of our landscaping staff. This day also taught us to challenge our own personal strength and it brought teamwork back into our school community.

-Julia G. and Scott E.