Today’s run-jump-swim for swim track was possibly one of the best and most exciting run swims yet. It involved multiple jumps as well as an emphasis on swimming. Everyone in swim track was excited and determined to finish strong. Everyone loved to jump off the wall into current cut and then leisurely float down the cut. Today’s swim track was a great way to switch up our normal routine. It provided encouragement for our swim team, strength in both fields (swimming and running) and bonding moments between swim track. Everyone at the school is excited to see our parents and show them what we have accomplished here at The Island School.  They will be able to witness all of the training we did up to their arrival and currently completing. To everyone here, parent’s weekend will be the pinnacle of our Island School adventure. The adventure that will continue even after our Island School experience has ended. In the end, we can’t wait for your arrival.

-Garneisha and Brandon