“A Saturday Reunited” by Caciques Chris Pibl and Pheobe Fitz

Today was a day we’ve all worked very hard preparing for: Human Ecology elective presentations! We all anxiously awaited class so we could put some finishing touches on our presentations. The water elective went first, and educated us on the harsh reality of bottled water, tap water, and the global water crisis. Conscious consumerism came next, and we enlightened everyone on the true effects of the harmful chemicals that we put on our bodies every day without even realizing it. Compost then gave us a very interesting presentation during which we got to stick our hands deep into the compost pile- talk about hands-on! Biodiesel was last, and they showed us a video they made titled “Cash Cab: Biodiesel Edition.” We left Human Ecology class today excited to learn more about each others’ electives when we choose our final projects next week.

Upon the return of K3 and K4, we began our Saturday night with the classic film The Bourne Ultimatum. The students all crowded into the fishbowl to view the thrilling film while we waited for K3 and K4 to unpack so that the student body as a whole could group for the main event of our Saturday night. Just as the movie ended, K3 and K4 were finished unpacking and so we moved to the boathouse where the Rum Runners, a popular island band from Eleuthera was waiting to perform for the school. It was a grand way for the students to reconnect after not seeing each other for three weeks. We listened to some incredible Bahamian music and danced and danced. Hammy’s swing dancing was quite a sight. Together, the students danced their Saturday night away. By the end, everyone was tired and ready to go to sleep after a long night of activities.