“Lazy Sunday” by Caciques Marianne Foss-Skiftesvik and C.J. Easton

After a night of hugs, salsa dancing, and a great sleep we woke up to a campus full of smiles and laughter. Today, it has been a tad chilly and extremely windy which makes it truly feel like fall. Since Sundays are our days off, everyone was in sweatpants and sweatshirts. Many people spent their day sleeping in, and watching movies. It was a perfect day to relax and reunite with the friends that we had not seen in what seemed like forever. All of us shared stories of Down Island Trip and Kayak Rotation, we even had pictures to go along with those stories. The K2 kayak group swam with dolphins and K4 had to sit in lightening position in a torrential downpour for their last night of solo. We also had a welcome back surprise for Alyssa, one of the older leaders’ birthday: a few of the students and Hannah, another older leader, made donuts for us to enjoy as well as for the visiting program from St. Andrews School in Nassau. The St. Andrews School is visiting our campus to learn about our sustainable way of life, and to see if they can make some changes towards becoming a more "Green" school in Nassau. We love having them on campus! They bring a warm and helping hand when contributing to our campus, and they are extremely fun to talk to! It is great to have everyone back on campus and spend a relaxing day getting to know about everyone’s trips.

Now that the community has come together it is amazing how close everyone has become.  Yesterday all of the Island School's "exclusive relationships" seemingly disappeared. Exclusive relationships are individual friend groups that have a tendency to exclude others, therefore it was a major relief that they are gone and that we can all be friends here together.  Without these exclusive relationship our community can truly thrive, and that was observed yesterday when our community turned a Sunday with bad weather into a fun filled day.