“Our Last Month Stretch” by Caciques Garneisha Pinder and Will Overman

Today, it hit me like thunder: Remo reiterated that today November 8th 2010 marking our last month stretch at The Island School. We have four weeks here to get after it, and leave our mark here. 

Our day started with Human Ecology final project selections. We broke off into groups: food, transportation, urban development, miscellaneous, humanities, bees etc. There, we discussed ideas, wrote questions about what we wanted to do, and formulated our plans of action. Once our groups had been permanently established, we set off to get the structure of our plans finalized. We were off to save the world. These projects focus on, not only helping The Island School, but the rest of our home communities, and even generations to come.

Next, we had Community Outreach. For the seventh graders, we worked on the final touches of the homemade aquaponics tanks. Many groups were either finished, or were adding pumps, styrofoam, and water. As of today, almost every system is ready to be implemented into some of the students’ homes.

After Community Outreach we had advisory. Matt and Katie’s advisories teamed up and did a barbeque at Chris Maxey’s house. There, I (Garneisha) learned a new game called Zilch, assisted with preparing the food and simply had a great time with everyone there. I guess we learned more about each other through bonding activities. And I, (Will Overman) also had a fantastic time with Ashley’s advisory. I believe that today was the first time we chose to just “hang out” for advisory time. This decision proved to be a great one. While everyone played bananagrams, and ate all sorts of delicious baked goods, each member of Ashley’s advisory got to have a one on one talk with Ashley to reflect on the semester. I can only speak for myself, but it was incredible to know that only one month remains and I have so much to do.

Today was a big one. We have come so far, and have very little time left, but TONS to do.  We look forward to the next weeks, because we know they will be something remarkable.