“Your World Through Our Eyes” by Caciques Ashlie Thompson and Jack DeVries

Students had the option of waking up to a morning free dive: our minds entering another world as we enter the water, a place of calmness and beauty that is all natural. This is what many of my classmates decided to do on their Wednesday morning sleep in time. On these mornings we would explore the beauty of another world. While the rest of us went into the depth of our minds and succumbed to dreams on end while safe in their cozy dorm beds.

Sadly, there are no more eighth and fourth graders here as St. Andrews departed this morning, leaving breakfast back to its usual Wednesday morning granola which everyone has begun to enjoy more and more as the weeks prolong. Human Ecology electives was the first part of our agenda that we jumped right into. Having the driving forces of motivation to push us in the right direction, getting a good portion of our electives complete, Bees went into the community of Deep Creek to analyze a hive, but instead came out with a piece of comb that they were able to eat! As my partner Cacique (Jack) described it, was one of the most exciting things about being in bees, he said that he enjoyed the sweet taste of the natural honey. With a few new changes in the class schedule two of the class groups had a Marine Ecology test, exploration and then a deep dive at Hole in the Wall, which I heard is pretty awesome, though I haven’t gone on this dive yet. I will get to tomorrow though.

After classes and some exploration time at Fourth Hole, watching the sunset, it was time to return back to campus for dinner circle and pass off the Cacique roles. We ended our beautiful day with an art gallery presentation in the boat house. It was AMAZING to see everyone’s work on the big screen, encouraging others in the hard work that they have done throughout the semester with shouts and cheers. I believe at this point, sitting there together, we all conjured the true feeling: we are about to leave our new home.