“Brr its cold in here, there must be some islanders in the atmosphere” by Caciques George Giannos and Allegra Rumbough

We awoke to a cool autumn morning in The Bahamas. Although it was around 70 degrees, we were all wearing winter hats and fleeces. We have all adapted to this warm weather that we are blessed with and we all are awaiting tropical storm Tomas to just pass by for good. We are done with all of the cold weather! Today we recognized that we only have 28 days left until the end of the semester, exactly 4 weeks. The community was in awe that time has flown by so fast, and we discussed our goals for the following month to come.

We continue to enjoy our run/swim tracks and are each getting physically stronger every exercise. It is always a great feeling to look back on the progress both of us personally and the community have made during exercise. Our academic projects are opening up like our Human Ecology Final Project. This project lets us each choose a specific topic on sustainability such as creating shampoo using all natural products on campus or changing the uniform to make it more sustainable.

There always seems to be a conversation about the up-coming Parents Weekend at meal time and we know that the entire community is very excited for the parents’ arrival.

The community has continued to grow stronger and each day we are growing as young leaders.