“The Wise Octopus” By Caciques Meaghan Kachadoorian and Hammy Wallace

Today, the 47 of us addressed matters that we really care about in our 3 hour Human Ecology block this morning. We have split up into our final project groups, and we spent the day in the field making our plans a reality. Some visited local farms to inquire about an all local meal (Meaghan), while others researched bio diesel production (Hammy). What we all had in common this morning was the initiative we took as leaders working for a greater change. After lunch, we had a long block of research. All over campus, groups were huddled over excel worksheets, finding trends in data to create our Parent’s Weekend research presentations. A post-sunset dinner circle held a quote from the Rainbow Fish: “If you go beyond the coral reef to a deep cave you will find the wise octopus.” Afterwards, there was a little surprise for dinner. In order to focus on self-reflection, we announced a silent dinner. The only noises echoing outside the dining hall were scraping forks devouring delicious meatloaf after a hand day of work.