“Like Any Other Sunday” Caciques Tucker Beckett and Dorothy Long

Today was like any other Sunday, just another day of sleeping in and relaxing at the coffee house, decompressing after a long week of classes. It felt odd to be back into our old routine after the long weeks of kayak rotations, especially with the anticipation and anxiety for the big events of the weeks ahead looming over us. Parents weekend is right around the corner, and parents are already starting to trickle in to Eleuthera. There was also plenty of work stress to go around with research presentations just a day away, and every research group rushing to put the finishing touches on their individual shows. It was also an especially dreary day, heightened by cold winds and intermittent bouts of rain. But even this wasn’t enough to dampen our spirits, and nobody at the coffee house was reluctant to sit outside in the rain to share a chocolate cake and good memories. Just another day in the life of an Island School student I guess. -Tucker