"Morning Glory" Megan O. - We woke up in anticipation for our practice research presentations.  We were nervous and excited to present in front of all the other research groups.  Half of us presented in the octagon and half of us presented in the presentation room.  We wanted to make our research advisors proud and make ourselves confident for the final presentations for parents on Friday.  We were critiqued by all the other groups, which really helped us perfect our Powerpoint presentations.  The amount of hard work that we showed today made the community appreciate the research that we have been conducting over the semester. Every research group did extremely well and is excited to present in front of their families.  I am in the lemon sharks research group and I was impressed by our performance today.  We have spent the last week working hard during study hours to complete our Power Point.  We did really well on the presentation, although we have a lot to still work on, but it was good for our first time in front of an audience.  We were able to answer all of the audience’s questions and I am ready for parents’ weekend to start!

Chris D.- After research and lunch we all headed out to community outreach. The big yellow school bus finally arrived to bring us to the middle school, and our respective buddies. The grade seven groups spent their time finalizing their aquaponics systems and we also began work on our final presentations. My group is comprised of Chris Lorient, DCMS students Shaquille and Lance and I. We decided a video would be best. Many other groups also decided to do videos but some chose to present their systems in the form of a booklet or an educational poster. Some groups also got to the point with their aquaponics systems that they were able to finish. These groups finally managed to put both plants and fish into their system, making the closed aquaponics system functional. The feeling of accomplishment was in the air as the big yellow school bus came to collect us from the middle school.

To conclude our day full of success each advisory met and tried to make this rainy day a good one.  Some advisories went out to dinner, some explored the waters, while others stayed on campus to relax and maybe watch a funny movie.  We have all been so busy with research and other classes wrapping up that we have found little time to enjoy each others company.  This said, advisory could not have come at a better time.  The smell of brownies and adventure wafted about around the campus as the community bonded.  Today we worked hard and when it rained we found the rainbow.