"Reunited" by Caciques Liam  Donovan Margaux Burnham

We woke up on the morning of Thursday the 18 exited to see our parents. But unfortunately before the arrived we had a list of thing to do the get everything ready, such as clean windows, make food for the art gallery, clean dorms and class rooms and pick up all of the lost and found. During the campus clean we were very off task, it was hard to concentrate because our parents were coming in a couple hours and we have not seen them for 2 months. As the minuets passed the arrival time came closer and closer. The parents started to trickle as the students were getting ready and waiting to be reunited with there families. All of the reunions were joyful, we were lucky to get to witness one precious moment between Brandon Gell and his brother. As Brandon and his little brother made eye contact across the circle they started running toward each other and Brandon picked up his brother in his arms and gave him a huge hug. All of the girls watching from the dorm started to cry because it was so sweet to see how they missed one another. Once all of the families arrived on campus the art gallery was filled to capacity with people admiring our inner loop theme with palm fronds draping over the gallery along with sand and shells on the floor. Visitors snacked on delicious sustainable snacks: cocoanut drizzled with chocolate and lion fish ceviche, all prepared by Island School students.

We had the biggest dinner circle ever following the art show before we all headed off to the dining hall for dinner. During dinner we sat with our advisories and also our families. It was nice to have our Island School families (extended advisories) and our real families meet and be together. Although we had missed our parents and wanted to talk with them all night long we had to kick them out at 8pm so that we coupled practice our research presentations in preparation for the final presentations.