A note to our loyal readership: Our apologies for the cacique update being so past-date. Busy with the family festivities, Caciques just could not find time to blog. So, here is the scoop on Friday, and tomorrow we will resume daily updates as usual. Keep reading and we will keep you posted on the glorious, challenging, and ultimately inspirational moments that happen here each day... and don't forget about the Super Swim and Half Marathon this weekend! Stay tuned... "Parents Weekend Mania"

by Caciques Nate Smith-Ide and Hunter Foote

Much anticipation surrounded the morning of the second day of Parents’ Weekend. The pressure was on. Today was the day that we would be presenting our research presentations to our parents. As we waited to present our work, the students were scattered about the classrooms trying to calm their nerves and memorize those hard to remember facts. After the presentations, the feeling was gratifying. Following, there was a mass exodus out of the presentation room towards the flagpole. All the students and faculty corralled their families into one massive group for a photo.


What preceded this in the afternoonwas a combination of free time with family and celebrations of our work. We had individual conferences with each of our teachers and had the opportunity to explain to our parents what we’ve been learning for the past semester. Then during our free time with our families, students did a variety of activities, most of them showing off this place we call home. Some took their parents to 4th Hole for snorkeling, while others took their parents free diving at high rock.

At night, our siblings joined us for fun activities. We had Finding Nemo playing in the Fish Bowl and others hung out with their siblings around campus. It’s been a fun experience sharing our home with our families.