“The Here and Now” By Caciques Catharine Pirie and Nate Smith-Ide

We gathered in the boathouse all anxiously awaiting our second to last community meeting. With the conversations lately focused around the future and leaving, our first instinct was to find a way to stay in the here and now. With a one-word whip around of animal noises describing how we felt the mood was lightened. Coupled with the skits we made about things to do for the next two weeks the boathouse was filled with laughs and smiles. Appreciations, a part of community meeting when individuals stand up and speak thanks to members of our community, were more important with time winding down to tell each other the good things we see. During these next two weeks it is going to be important for us to be the strongest community we can be. All our hard work is all going to pay off in such a short time.

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