“We Give Thanks” by Caciques Sasha Whittle and Jack DeVries

This morning we woke up excited because it is thanksgiving! During morning exercise we had easy run and swim track practices because the Half Marathon and Super Swim are just around the corner and we are resting our bodies. All morning we worked on our Human Ecology final products. Many of the projects are starting to get important things done. For example today the chicken team finally got chickens and the glycerin soap team finally made soap. In the afternoon we had either literature and math or scuba. Many were eager the thanksgiving parade that was happening later. For this parade we had about many individuals dressed up in different costumes and marched around the flagpole. Circle was the most lively it has ever been, filled with applause and laughter. The chicken team brought their brand new chickens to circle. As our quote of the day, we went around and every single person in the community gave thanks to someone or something in their lives: friends, family, the pig we slaughtered, food, healthy, strong bodies, and our new chickens. Then following our excitement filled circle, we sat down to our delicious feast. We were excited for the cranberry sauce, gravy, and mash potatoes to pair with our very own pig. The meal then ended with pumpkin pie topped with ice cream and homemade whipped cream. After the amazing meal, we all went back to our dorms stuffed with food ready to crawl into our beds.