“Prepping for the Big Events!” by Caciques Hammy Wallace and Megan Osborn

Today started with a relaxing morning exercise in preparation for the big events of the weekend.  Everybody was anxious to find out if the Super Swim or the Half Marathon would be on Saturday.  Even though we had a normal morning with three classes (art, math, and literature) everybody’s nerves were elsewhere.   

The afternoon took our minds off of the weekend as we focused on our research posters for the science symposium.  Lemon sharks had their last day in the field.  Three lemon sharks were caught today, and were added to our vast amount of data!  This made the day a little bit more relaxing and we were excited to go back to the classroom and finish our poster.  We were sad to have our last day in the field, yet we knew that the symposium was still to come and we would stun the audience with our presentations. 

At dinner circle all the runners were informed that they would be running the half marathon tomorrow.  This means a 4:30 a.m. wakeup for all of campus.  A meeting for swim and run track followed dinner.  Run track met in the boathouse for logistics, a pep talk, and meditation.  Swim track met in the presentation room for similar activities.  The meeting concluded with a “secret psycher.”  Each student picked a name out of a hat and was assigned an athlete from the opposite track to make a sign or other forms of support for.  This made sure that each athlete was being cheered on.  By the end of the night everyone was feeling positive about the weekend and were excited to start.  Wish us luck this weekend!