Two and a half months in the making. Training each morning; before, during, and after sunrise. After months spent in anticipation, all run-trackers triumphantly finished the Half Marathon this Saturday. We like to say around here that "sweat is the cologne of accomplishment." Check out these photos of our community: glistening and drenched in accomplishment. [slideshow]

From the Perspective of Cacique Will Overman:

At 4:45 I woke up. I then started to run a half marathon. A couple of hours later I finished. Then I cheered others to the end. Afterwards I ate a gigantic breakfast of french toast and granola. After I was recharged, I, with a bunch of buds, went out exploring. To finish off, haha, pun, Louise and I put together the best casino night like The Island School has ever seen. It was fantastic, with Frank Sinatra playing, Texas Hold 'em at its finest, and ice cold water for everyone. It was a fabulous Saturday night.