"Conquering the 4-Mile Swim" By Caciques Chris Pibl and Sasha Whittle

Today was the exciting day that swim track swam their 4 mile swim! Everyone, including run track, woke up and were excited for the race. All the swimmers loaded up in the vans to depart for the start, while all the runners, still soar from yesterday, got ready in their support spots. Even though the runners were tired and tight from the long run the day before, they found the energy to cheer for swim track all the way to the finish. The swimmers started their Super Swim strong and ready. Each stroke they took they had kayakers or boaters alongside cheering their names. The swimmers cruised through the water and almost all of them saw sharks while they swam. Each swimmer finished the race strong with lots of support at the finish. Weather it was a breeze or the hardest thing they had ever done, everyone finished feeling accomplished with smiles on their face.  


For me (Chris Pibl), the first stretch to the turn around point was gruesome. It was the longest part, but it was also very difficult because of how boring it was. But once I neared the turn around point, my confidence went up. The turn around boat was extremely helpful, just seeing them made me feel better. Having CJ squirt me with water while apples were shoved at me was a second adrenaline rush. From the Turn around point, the swim was downhill. The current was then going with me so it was much easier and faster. Before I knew it, I was at No Name Harbor and finishing the swim. We all returned back to campus exhausted from the past two days.

Everyone in the community felt a huge sense of accomplishment finishing the events that they have been training for all semester. Even though swim trackers had not even swum half the distance of the super swim in their training up until the event, they all still conquered the four-mile swim.  All the hard out and back runs that we (run track, Sasha) pushed through, all seemed worth it now. When everyone finished the Half Marathon, the finish was filled with hugs and tears because everyone was so proud. It was a weekend filled with pride and accomplishment for all.