"The Last Weekly Schedule" By Caciques Margaux Burnham and Hammy Wallace

Today was our last day of formal classes. By dinner time each student had completed their last Histories, Literature and Math classes. While it was sad to close that portion of our semester, in each class we reflected on our work and everyone felt proud of how much they had learned. Now we are all hard at work completing our Portfolios, which are a compilation of all the assignments we’ve done in the past three months. We have specific requirements to include for each class, so it’s quite a large undertaking. However, everyone has been putting a lot of hard work into coming up with a creative way to present their work.

Coming off of a big weekend, everyone was tired and was feeling the sore muscles that were the price to pay after finishing either the Half-Marathon or the Super Swim. While we had hoped to have a sleep-in for morning exercise, at 6:30 am the runners went off on a jog to the Marina and the swimmers settled in the Boathouse for some power yoga.

Every week since we’ve been at The Island School, we’ve received printouts of our schedule weekly to hang up in our dorms. Today we received our last schedule for the semester. This reminded people of how short time we have left, and everyone headed off to do something exciting for Exploration time this afternoon. While everyone has had their bouts of homesickness in the past 92 days, as December 8th comes closer and closer we are all realizing how much we are going to miss this island.