Daisy Spencer and Tucker Beckett  “Loving Island School”

There was something different about waking up this morning... after struggling to put the flag up, it soon came down only to be replaced with a pirate’s flag while fireworks were being set off making the loudest “pop”, “bang” noises you would ever hear. There was no way anyone was sleepy now. Yarrrrr, this morning was “pirate workout” where we all were privileged enough to see our teachers storm the flagpole dressed as pirates. Where else will you get to see that?

[slideshow] Students ran around doing tasks likes digging up bio-diesel buckets, or “walking the plank” into triangle cut, where we had to play a vigorous game of water polo while listening to Guns & Roses being blasted from the “Wild Ting” one of the faculty’s boat. Teachers transitioned from pirates to sharks wearing wetsuits, fins, and snorkel, making it a serious match. All of this will be rewarded with delicious “treasures” come Saturday.

After all the cheesy pirate jokes, we (Tucker and Daisy) had to run the very last community meeting. One particular activity that got everyone smiling was sharing with everyone a favorite moment from the semester. Sixty important moments from students and faculty alike: it was a very emotional experience for everyone. It was hard to pick just one memory… in fact; no one could do it because there are just too many. But, instead of dwelling on this, it transitioned quite nicely into the most talkative appreciation session ever, where everyone spent time to thank or appreciate numerous people for all of the work that was put into the semester. It was a truly proud moment, especially when you see you’ve made your literature teacher cry out of happiness after saying how much your writing has improved. This semester was great, but it’s not over yet. Six more days of a fabulous semester to come, and until then, we won’t stop loving Island School.