By Caciques Aly Boyce and Chris Pibl During lunch yesterday, the Island Students went to the Rock Sound Ocean Hole to experience the work of the Ocean Hole Human Ecology project. For this project, the ocean hole team raised awareness by making a sign to inform the public of the history, wildlife, and facts about the ocean hole. After watching their presentation, we ate lunch, jumped into the water and swam in the ocean hole. Later on, the local primary school students stopped by to listen to the dedication of the ocean hole and the ribbon cutting ceremony. We got to know the local primary students while doing arts and crafts with them. We painted conch shells together to decorate around the base of the sign at the ocean hole.  It was a great time for the community to join to see the inspiring work that we have done over the semester. For more on today, watch the following live update by Aly and Pibl: