"A Semester of Learning" by Caciques Catharine Pirie and George Giannos

Today was an emotional day on campus. Bundled up students slowly emerged from their dorm to prepare for a super clean of campus. With our final Demonstration of Learning performances looming over our heads it was hard to focus on the task at hand. A long day of DOL’s celebrated all the growth and reflection we have done throughout our time here. Tears were shed, laughs were shared, and emotions were heavy as the students walked from DOL to DOL experiencing what others have learned. Our community is coming to the realization that time is winding down and we have to cherish the moments. Once the last DOL was shared we gathered and told stories of interesting facts and lessons that we learned while watching someone else’s. At the end of the night we shared time together and ate a cake that was baked for us. We all we relieved to have finished sharing our growth here but sad because this hurtle seemed so distant before and now we had just jumped it.