"Amidst Scuba Week" by Caciques TJ and Trueranda

Before our eyes were graced with the orange reddish hew of the spectacular Eleuthera sunrise, we knew it was going to be a jam packed day of activities. But, keeping with The Island School momentum, the adventures exceeded our expectations. “This morning I, TJ, woke up at 6:22am with negative 2 minutes before we were supposed to raise the flag.” After morning circle we all went on an exciting bike ride through the inner loop, an area that we the students would soon be able to explore during exploration time. When we returned to campus, one of the best breakfasts yet awaited us. This was important because we would need all of the energy we could get for a long day of scuba that was to come. Teams: leatherback, green turtles, loggerhead, and hawksbill all geared up and loaded a couple of boats in order to head out to Tunnel Rock and The Saddle for some spectacular open water dives. The surreal experience of being submerged under water cranked the excitement up to maximum capacity. Now silently, but anxiously, we look forward to tomorrow challenges, expectations, and highs and lows that await us.