By Caciques Adam and Holly Community: this is the best word to describe today. Kayak groups 1 & 2 came back this afternoon, bringing the entire group back together. After those kayak groups left three days ago, it hit us all how strong the Island School Community really is. With half of our class gone, the campus felt deserted. Although it was quiet and much more peaceful, we realized how much each individual contributed to form a strong bond. Even though we were occupied with our SCUBA certification, no matter where we were, we noticed the absence of our new friends. In the dorms, at meals, during exploration time, and just walking across campus, we were disappointed not to see half of the faces we were always so happy to see. But, with the kayak groups back, the vibe of the campus is overwhelmingly positive. Every single person is excited to be back in the Island School's tightly knit community.