by Caciques Aidan and Bronte Today could be considered our first day of freedom after completing orientation and fully dedicating ourselves to the oncoming semester.  We were rewarded with a sleep-in and a day to ourselves to explore. Many students celebrated their day of independence with a nap, a game of Frisbee, or a trip to the local coffee shop at The Cape. Surrounded by friends, sitting on the deck of the coffee shop and starring out over the ocean, we had time to reflect on what was ahead of us. Quickly the realization of the long journey we had all committed ourselves to began to sink in.

After these orientation weeks, we had all become a part of The Island School community, but what did that really mean? To us, it represents many unique opportunities; to explore a new environment, to meet new people, and to develop ourselves without the influences of the outside world. The decision of whether or not we grasp these opportunity lies in our own hands. Understanding this is the first step towards taking full advantage of The Island School experience.