The Educational Programs team has been at it again with back to back courses over the past two weeks. First up, eighteen students from Branson High School in the Bay area of California visited us for a week long stay.  Branson’s stay here was, as usual, a whirlwind event, with both the students and instructors dropping gratefully into bed after each full day of research, exploration and adventure.  One memorable moment we were fortunate enough to experience was camping on the beautiful Jack’s Bay beach under a perfect starry night sky. Sadly, due to the development of a new golf course in the area, we were unofficially the last group ever able to camp at that beautiful location.

Another highlight of the trip was watching Branson, working with local community members, do a great job in creating a garden space at the Rock Sound ocean hole as part of ongoing restoration project for the area. If you’re in Rock Sound, swing past the ocean hole and check out their work!

The week was full of great moments, too many to recount fully here. Throughout their stay the group lived up to their community creed, never failing to try new things, while always maintaining a positive attitude and an energy that was infectious.

Lissa, Tiffany and Matthew would like to extend a sincere thank you to the students and chaperones for their vibrant personalities and endless enthusiasm.  We hope you take the things you learned here and spread the message of sustainability, education and conservation wherever the road may take you. We miss you Branson!