By Caciques James and Lindsay We woke up at 6:15. No sleep in today; rather we had a demanding morning exercise. The South Dorms swam the triangle cut while the North Dorms ran 4 miles around the loop. Later, we completed our chores and were then off to breakfast.  As always, the exercise made our morning meal taste that much better.

Some students had marine ecology, where class today was a 35 minute dive at Tunnel Rock. Others during art class, ventured around campus in order to find the plant species assigned to us. We water colored diverse and rare plant species while the rest of the students learned the ecology of those same plant species through Human Ecology class.

Exploration time followed and was (as always) a time when students took full advantage of the cape: some participated in a student-organized ultimate Frisbee game on the former resort’s golf course, some played pick up basketball, and many just took the time to complete some lingering assignments.

Dinner followed and after the meal we celebrated Anne Vetter’s birthday with some frosted pumpkin cake. A productive study session concluded another dynamic and engaging day on the cape.