Editor's note: My apologies.  Occasionally blogs slip through the radar and a missing blog update goes unnoticed, for days, maybe even weeks.  So, I bring you this better-late-than-never Cacique Update from March 11th. Enjoy. by Caciques Austin and Izza

The Island School Community was reunited again today after a three day separation while half the students were on their Kayak trip.   Their return to campus was full of excitement and anticipation, as their three day absence seemed to last a week.  Many came back calling Island School home, while the students that remained on campus welcomed them back as family.

This feeling of community was celebrated with an ice and brownie social.  Together, a handful of students gave up their free time to make the brownies and plan the event.  It was a chocolate success.  Crowded on the dining hall deck, all forty-eight of us relaxed and enjoyed the scrumptious ice cream and each other’s company, the feeling of unity was tangible.  This atmosphere was a relief, after the buildup of pressure from the past 6 days.