By Caciques Jessica and Brett At the beginning of the first academic week we all ran two miles to high rock and symbolically jumped into the semester.  It was a difficult run for many, and also a challenge jumping off the cliff.  Today we ran there for the second time.  After only two weeks a lot of improvement has been made.  We could see that it wasn’t as difficult to run two miles as it had been for some when we did it before.  As we made it to high rock the sun was just rising.  We lined up to jump in.  Those who were nervous the first time, were confident today.  The people here for the education conference did morning exercise with us.  Some of them were nervous about jumping, like we had been just weeks ago, but the students modeled that our fears can be overcome. Our feet rested upon the sharp rocks and with a bend in the knees, we were traveling through the air.  After in the air, heading toward the water, there was no turning back. Our hearts raced as our bodies entered the water.  The jump symbolizes how we are committed to this school and to our community.  In just twenty-seven days, every student has been pushed outside his or her comfort zone and has faced challenges; but, we have learned that these challenges can be overcome.