"Ah The Sleep-In" - A Cacique Update Poem by Evan and Ami Long anticipated

We lift up our heads and roll over

Far from our minds is harkness

Waking instead from dreams of our Island School dog, Rover. (Sorry Lucky, it rhymed better)

Instead of darkness

We arise to sun, less caution to use as we walk down the stairs

Those who have forgotten to turn off their 6 am alarms are shunned...

(Sleep-ins are no joking matter)

For a few hours at least

Until we must all face each other

Standing hands at our sides

We proudly sing with one another (Slightly off key)

And maybe, faster than normal as we are all anticipating brunch

An array of eggs, french toast, grits, and yes, leftover chicken

So much better than yesterday’s lunch

We wish dish crew would hurry

And fill their plates in a flurry

Adventure begins

Exploring places we know

And places we’ve not been before

With thoughts of later doing homework galore (haha)

Some went swimming

Some enjoyed a treat

Some did both, that’s quite a feat

We sat on walls

Below three feet tall (We promise, Gabe)

We wrote some nice things

(We meant them too)

Then we pasted them in our Placebooks with glue

Einstein inspired us to do our math

So we must go now

Or we may not pass

Many thrills

And still

We all returned

And yearned

For more fun

In the sun

The 71 more days to come