by Caciques Marco and Caroline V. As we entered the water at current cut, a beautiful red sun peeked over the horizon in the distance.  The sun watched us, rising higher in the sky as we swam with the current twice, and against the current once.  The sun probably thought we were crazy; it was 6:45 am and we were not only swimming, but practically swimming in place because of the powerful water rushing against us.  As we struggled, we looked across to see someone swimming with no problem at all, passing us all with ease.  Of course, it was Chris Maxey. Later that day, while playing a game of  “Name the person to your left’s animals spirit game” someone appropriately stated that his spirit animal would be a shark.  This game was spontaneous and humorous, with many accurate descriptions.  It was fun to listen to everyone shout out animals at each other, but it also demonstrates how we have come together as a whole. We have been here for just over month, and we know each other well enough to name each others’ inner animal spirits.