By Caciques Alec and Annie We began the day with a tiring 8 mile run to Deals Point, the longest distance run-track has accomplished so far. We then headed out for a three-hour research block during which time some our community got stuck in Rocksound due to a faulty van. They had the privilege of spending the entire day in Rocksound, visiting the market and interviewing locals for settlement day. We reunited with the rest of our community for dinner circle before beginning our Saturday night festivities. We started out the night by biking to the beach and watching the sunset as a community. Planning our bonfire and dance party, we eagerly biked back to school. After our long run and day in the field, we changed our mind and watched Blue Crush, a better suited activity after such a long day. The night ended with brownies, providing for a great finish to such an exhausting day.