by Caciques Bronte and TJ Since we were elected to be Caciques on a Sunday, our schedules were very unstructured. This meant we had the freedom to spend the day however we wished. We each decided to do various activities in different locations. Writing a blog about two different people’s experiences would require two different blogs so we decided to blend the stories into one. We came up with a mixture of our two names to create one person and one story. Here is how Bronteejay’s day played out.

I, Bronteejay, arose from my slumber at 8:30am and 8:40am. Half of me wished I had slept longer while the other half was eager to go free-diving. Funny how that works.  Being as sleepy as I was, I decided to do homework rather than explore. But, coincidently, being as excited as I was, I decided to go free-diving as well. Half of me wished I was there, while the other half was. After free-diving and doing homework at the same time, both halves of me were hungry. At 12 in the afternoon, my two halves congregated along with the rest of the community at the flagpole where, once reunited, I asked if there were any announcements before brunch.  After a delightful meal, my two halves split once again to enjoy an afternoon at the beach and a quick one mile swim (no big deal). The half of me that went to the beach enjoyed tanning, swimming, and swinging while the other half was being battered by the choppy swell. Sadly, there is a consequence to having a split personality. Both halves of me longed to be back together so I could lead dinner circle, eat dinner, and write this blog (which took a great amount of creativity).