by Caciques Caroline S. and Aidan [slideshow]

David Miller began our Cacique meeting this morning by telling us he thought this was going to be the most important day of the semester, but he didn’t know why and neither did we. However, we soon realized that our time here has been flying. It is time to stop stressing out about homework and start appreciating every moment we have left. Throughout the day we held a positive attitude and tried to encourage others to do the same. For example, during community outreach it can be difficult to maintain enthusiasm during the long hours in the hot sun. Yesterday, however, we made an effort to remain upbeat and energetic throughout the afternoon. The best part of the day was a special swim organized by a student in order to honor her mother who passed away. She also invited other members to join in and remember loved ones who they had lost. As a group we walked out towards the blue horizon, each of us holding a flower representing the loved ones we wished to remember. Before we left, each of us dropped our flower into the ocean. The sight of the flowers drifting together towards the horizon filled me with a sense of peace. We all came together and showed our support for one another, making it a moment that many of us will cherish.