by Caciques Gigi and Austin Unexpectedly, a Tilapia hopped out of the aquaponics tank. Startled, each student stared dumb-founded at the fish flopping feverishly on the floor. Who knew the food we were eating could be that local? Today in Human Ecology, students experienced what it is like to practice permaculture, or permanent agriculture.  Each class learned how to gather food from the sustainable programs around campus, specifically the aquaponics program and Island School farm. By utilizing these systems, we were able to enjoy fresh mint tea and savory tilapia filets. Otherwise, students experienced a regular Island School day (if regular is actually possible at the Island School!) Each student began their day with a challenging track exercise. The run track team ran up to five miles on the Well Field loop and the swim team encountered their toughest practice yet as Chris Maxey directed the workout. The swimmers endured down-back butterflies and down-back free style sprints. I recall Maxey saying that he wanted to accomplish two things during the practice: “One is to make you guys breathe so hard, you wish your lungs were out of your body and second… is to have fun.”  This quote played in my head throughout the entire swim practice as I pushed myself past my previous limits. In typical Island School fashion, the students continue to push themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually while still enjoying the presence of the people and places around them.