by Caciques J.P and Nathan Today was a Thursday and all the students woke early to hear the birds singing and waves gently crashing on Boys dorm beach. There was a dark thundercloud hovering over the horizon, which foreshadowed the much-needed rain to come. We circled up and lifted our head to the Bahamian Flag, which was hardly moving due to no wind. As we sang the words we have been so familiarized with over the past month and a half, a contagious yawn had spread throughout the students and the National Anthem was not the best one we had conducted this semester. After that not so pleasant spectacle, the students parted into their running or swim tracks for the morning. The swimmers had a timed lap around triangle cut while the runners had a timed run around the loop; everyone had showed much improvement from their previous times. It is exciting knowing how much people have improved since we first arrived, and how we are rapidly excelling in our physical exercises. After our tracks, the students busily hurried about their chores eager to get them done in time for the much deserving breakfast that was on all of our minds. After breakfast, which had consisted of oatmeal and bread, the students split up into their various classes for three hours.

In Human Ecology, the students in the foam mandective (mandatory elective) headed to the Deep Creek dump to get a rough estimate on how much Styrofoam there is in the dump. Then, they headed back to campus to discuss how we could switch from the non bio-degradable Styrofoam, to new bio-degradable containers made of corn. In Marine Ecology, the students dove the famous cage where they went ninety-five feet down and saw many cool species such as a seven foot long Hammerhead Shark. After classes students joined up for lunch, then headed straight back to their classes. Towards the end of classes, students were on the edge of their seats ready for exploration time, when the clouds let down rain upon The Island School. The Math and Literature classes went outside to parade in the rain because it is an uncommon occurrence and such a luxury here on Eleuthera. The teachers had difficulty reeling us back into class.  It wasn’t long after that we left class and did our own things during exploration time: swimming Boys Dorm Beech, going to the Marina Store or taking a much needed nap. Time turned tosix o’clockand all the students were out in circle ready for dinner. After announcements had been made and Caciquedoms had been passed off to Gigi and Ellie, we all enjoyed our Beans and rice with bread for dinner. After that, we all returned to our dorms to get a start on the homework that was piling up. This may look like a packed day, but this is a typical day for anIslandSchoolstudent, and we are anxious for what tomorrow holds.