by Caciques Ami and Aidan Today was our last day as a whole community for quite some time. In fact, K1 is leaving for eight day kayak and K2 is leaving for their Down Island trip tomorrow. We will not be seeing everyone together for the next three weeks. What better way to prepare us than a sleep in? For Aidan and I, as members of K1, today was spent preparing for our expedition. We sorted through the gear, making sure that tents, paddles, dromedaries, and everything else was accounted for. We packed food, our personal belongings, and bonded with our new “family”. Finally, as an end to our preparations we elected leaders (Hannah and TJ) for our first day on the water. The rest of the day was spent with the friends we would soon be leaving behind to their own adventures at school. We’re looking forward to getting out in our kayaks, maybe slightly nervous about our solo and the bugs. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain! We bid the school and our friends on K2, K3, and K4 farewell and good luck.