by Caciques Hannah T and Marco

The days seem to fly by here on the island of Eleuthera, and today marks the halfway point in our journey. When we first arrived, our bonds had yet to be formed and unforgettable experiences awaited us. We were simply a group of unfamiliar teenagers that were eager to begin this journey of uncertainty and discovery together. Since then, we have developed lasting friendships and countless memories. Things that were once challenging to us have been conquered due to the constant support of our peers. A month and a half ago, we departed this campus that was just becoming familiar to us in order to embark on a 3-day kayak journey with new faces. Now, as our peers depart from the community for an 8-day kayak trip, we have come to realize how much the presence of our friends is appreciated on campus. Although they are experiencing and learning in a new environment, the remaining students are becoming closer than ever as we eagerly await the return of our Island School family.