by Caciques Alec and Annie We started out the day with a competitive fun loving game of capture the flag in the inner loop. This unique morning exercise set the attitude for the rest of the day. We had an extraordinary math class that involved going to Schooner Cays, a thirty minute boat ride from The Island School, and taking sextant readings to improve on our celestial navigation skills. Once we got back we headed straight off to the Rock Sound Homecoming, where we made our Human Ecology presentations. When we got class out of the way we were able to experience the true Bahamian homecoming at its fullest. There were vendors with many Bahamian delicacies, including conch fritters and guava duff. Once the sun had set and the party began, we danced the buckles off our shoes with local residents. All this activity left us with full stomachs and aching feet, which lead to a great night’s sleep.