by Cacique James C. We get down and dirty in Archaeology, especially since we’ve started the Phase II part of our project. We’ve completed the Phase I portion, which is a surface survey, and now we’ve begun Phase II, which are the more glorified Archaeological practices: digging and sifting. The “A-Squad,” as we’ve come to call ourselves, dug with reckless abandon today. We machetied our way through dense forest, clearing the north and south axis of our site, which were the lines that we dug our test pits on. So we dug circles 50 cm in diameter and 70 cm deep, and found nothing but conch fragments and shell material. However, as our time was dwindling down, Justin cried, “This is so cool! Hey guys come check this out!” He had found an incised lug piece of Lucayan pottery. We looked further, and then Ami found a mat marked griddle, which is a griddle that has the imprint of Lucayan basket weavings on it. Ami’s piece made the shelf and is among the elite of Island School Archaeological findings. To say the least, it was a successful day for the A-Squad.